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Tools for time series persistence, visualisation, analysis and processing.

The TeaTime product family comprises tools for Time Series Analysis. C++, C#, and Python and R or Octave / Matlab all have their strengths when it comes to time series analysis and processing and to leverage these we allow them to work well together and provide the missing parts that are fairly simple, easy to understand, quick to evaluate and integrate.

Why "TeaTime"? Combining time with its symbol t gave us "Teatime". Very british indeed.

TeaFiles - Store Time Series in Files

At the lowest layer, TeaFiles provide the universally accessible binary file format bridging applications and software written in various languages. Get rid of ASCII or CSV files and date/time or number formatting issues and reach highest possible performance instead.

TeaShell - Preview Time Series Files

This Windows Shell extension provides a preview of TeaFiles inside the File Explorer. Store your time series in a folder hierarchy in the file system and browse it with a preview inside Windows Explorer - simple and efficient time series management.