Browse Time Series like Photos

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Browsing photos brings nice thumbnails and previews inside your file browser, greatly simplifying handling those files.

TeaShell brings such preview experience to time series data. Preview time series data just like photos.

TeaShell is a Windows Shell Extension providing instant preview of TeaFile contents.

It supports Windows Vista and Windows 8.

Get instant information about a file's data - the Name / Value pairs stored in the description of a TeaFile, the item description, timescale and first and last 5 items in the file.

Manage time series files by their properties, sort and filter by property values like

  • Content Description
  • Itemtype Name
  • Field Names (comma separeted string)
  • IsTimeSeries ("yes" if a field is marked as Event Time)
  • Count
  • First - Time of the first event
  • Last - Time of the last event

TeaShell is open source: github repository