Describes how raw tick counts are converted to date and time values.

Namespace: TeaTime
Assembly: DiscreteLogics.TeaFiles (in DiscreteLogics.TeaFiles.dll) Version: (


public struct Timescale : IEquatable<Timescale>


Time representation in TeaFiles

TeaFiles shall be usable by various applications and operatings systems. Each of these usually offer some system to deal with date, time or datetime values. TeaFiles can hold any of the values used by these systems. This class holds the values required to interpret raw time values.


A TeaFile might store items like
struct Observation
    public long     Time;
    public double   Temperature;
Lets say an observation holds a time value of 86410. To get the date and time of this integer value, we need to know the interval between ticks and the date/time where the counting started. Timescale provides these values as TicksPerDay and Epoch. The combination of a raw value, this might be an unsigned or signed integer or a floating point value and a time scale stored once for a time series gives enough flexibility to store values used by any time system.

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