Describes the types available for structs inside TeaFiles.

Namespace: TeaTime
Assembly: DiscreteLogics.TeaFiles (in DiscreteLogics.TeaFiles.dll) Version: (


public enum FieldType


Member nameValueDescription
None0Invalid value.
Int81signed 1 byte value.
Int162signed 2 byte value.
Int323signed 4 byte value.
Int644signed 8 byte value.
UInt85unsigned 1 byte value.
UInt166unsigned 2 byte value.
UInt327unsigned 4 byte value.
UInt648unsigned 8 byte value.
Float94 byte IEEE 754 floating point value.
Double108 byte IEEE 754 floating point value.
NetDecimal512.Net specific Decimal type.
Custom4096Custom Field Types should have identifiers above 0x1000.


In order to be platform compatible, only the first 10 types should be used (signed and unsigned integers, float and double).

Some applications have a very limited type set, so even tighter restriction is sometimes favorable. To exchange data with R for instance, usage should be restricted to signed 32 bit integers and double.

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